William (Bill)  Rickert

William (Bill) Rickert

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First Name * William
Last Name * (Bill) Rickert
Username * supremepizza
Country * USA
City Granite City
Nationality USA
Languages English


Current Position Animator
Preferred Tools ModelingAnimationRiggingTexturing3ds maxcombustionDeep Paintmental rayPhotoshopZBrush


Availability: Freelance


Contract is over and I've been doing some voluntary post contract work to suplement my income in order to pay the bills while working on my portfolio. Latest long term project is a Crysis/Terminator mod. We're also playing around with the idea of going predator. We're still working on the placables and can't wait to get our hands on the Sandbox2 editor to see how the models look inside in the Cryengine.

I'm still getting side tracked by my passion with FX though and re-doing alot of my portfolio renders.

Finished building my quad core 64 bit renderbox and it's awesome. Can't really say much more about it. 3d Mark06 scores in the 16k range and old 2 hour renders are getting done in less than half a minute.

Still looking for THE job.